How To Make Money With Google Adsense In Malaysia Easily

Do you know exactly how many people really make money with Google Adsense In Malaysia. I can easily tell you that there is not many quotes with benefits people friendster I guess, if they do make then they don't have to struggle hard to find niche keywords or methods to be a successful blogger gravity grammar and sit at home doing nothing. During end of the year, time goes by and making cash bucks are difficult now. There are so many poor people out there, no one cares whether you exist or not. I have been asking people in forums and blogs, I see people playing facebook all day long. I guess facebook graffiti is more popular nowadays, they just chat with pals all around the world and gossip all day long.
I wonder how they become high ranking in certain situation easily. I don't understand why my blog is not going anywhere and there is no response at all. I have been trying very hard but the rank is still the same and I am sick of it. Is this a lie or people have to pay lots of money to get recognized in the online world. What does it take to get attention now. You guys sure must felt like you get cheated like a scam, but life sucks dude, what can I say. Nobody wants to know a loser and always wants a winner. People especially in Japan and Korea makes lots of money everyday. Do they work very hard or they are plain lucky. I see poor people in India and others not making much, is it because they are not smart or lazy.
I am confuse now how to be a millionaire which is impossible to see. I wish my dream comes true, I hate my life, I like it when I was younger and free like a bird. Now I have to struggle each day looking for opportunities that comes by. Why it is getting tougher each day, I wish I have a clue on what to do with my life. Why is it so difficult even to make a few cents nowadays. Please guys get a life, to be rich you have to be smart and work hard. These tricks does not work, but make a little bit here and there only. Wake up and get a proper job now.

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